The Rawseeds Project built benchmarking tools for robotic systems. These tools take the form of a Benchmarking Toolkit composed of:

Benchmark Problems include quantitative performance metrics. Benchmark Solutions are algorithms applied to the Benchmark Problems and assessed using their metrics. Benchmark Solutions to the same Benchmark Problem can be quantitatively compared.

Rawseeds’ Datasets are currently published by the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab of Politecnico di Milano: see AIRLab’s website for details.

Rawseeds’ Benchmarking Toolkit is mainly targeted at the problems of localization, mapping and SLAM in robotics; but its use is not limited to them. All the elements of Rawseeds’ Benchmarking Toolkit are freely available.

Questions? You can read the F.A.Q. to learn more. If you want, you can also contact us or write an email to the project coordinator, Matteo Matteucci of Politecnico di Milano (matteo.matteucci -AT- polimi.it).

Rawseeds has been funded by the European Commission as part of the Sixth Framework Programme.