Benchmark Solutions

BS “GraphSLAM” [outdoor/mixed]

BS “GMapping” [outdoor/mixed]

BS “Vasco Scan-Matcher” [outdoor/mixed]

BS “GraphSLAM” [indoor]

BS “Vasco Scan-Matcher” [indoor]

BS “GMapping” [indoor]

BS “Inverse Depth EKF based Visual Odometry using 1Point RANSAC”

BS “Hierarchical Trinocular SLAM with Loop Closure”

BS “Stereo CI-Graph SLAM”

What is Rawseeds’ Benchmarking Toolkit?

[From the original description of the RAWSEEDS project] Rawseeds will generate and publish two categories of structured benchmarks: Benchmark Problems (BPs), defined as the union of: (i) the detailed and unambiguous description of a task; (ii) a collection of raw multisensor data, gathered through experimental activity, to be used as the input for the execution […]

Contributing to Rawseeds with new Benchmark Solutions

Rawseeds’ Benchmarking Toolkit includes a set of Benchmark Problems, i.e., problems based on one of our datasets, and a number of Benchmark Solutions for them. For more details, please read here. A Benchmark Solution is, in a nutshell, an algorithm used to solve one of Rawseeds’ Benchmark Problems, together with its output and some additional […]