Timeline (or: where is Rawseeds now?)

All the objectives of Rawseeds have been successfully reached. But… the life of Rawseeds is not over! First, the datasets, Benchmark Problems and Benchmark Solutions provided by Rawseeds will remain freely available; and second: this is your turn! Please consider uploading your own BSs: in this way you could both contribute to Rawseeds and give […]

Phase 4: Benchmark Solutions (completed)

For each Benchmark Problem one or more Benchmark Solutions are developed and published. Rawseeds-generated BSs represent the fully documented application of state-of-the-art algorithms to the BPs. Also the users of the Rawseeds can put their own algorithms and/or software in the form of Benchmark Solutions and publish them on along with our own. With […]

Phase 3: Benchmark Problems (completed)

After the datasets have been gathered and validated, a set of Benchmark Problems are built, using them as their input data. The BPs are chosen to be a comprehensive collection of SLAM problems.

Phase 2: data validation (completed)

After the data have been gathered, they are subject to a data validation phase. This has the aim of ensuring that all the data streams of each dataset are correct, uncorrupted, correctly synchronized and coherent.

Phase 1: data gathering (completed)

The first activity in the workplan of Rawseeds is the gathering of sensor data. We selected suitable locations and are currently exploring them with suitable platforms equipped with a comprehensive suite of sensors. The data streams produced by the sensors (timestamped to ensure correct synchronization between them) are stored, along with the associated ground truth. […]