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Getting the RAWSEEDS datasets via FTP

In addition to using BitTorrent, you can also download the datasets from this FTP repository Connection parameters: anonymous FTP, plain FTP protocol (no encryption).

How to set up a PC to be a seed for Rawseeds

This is a brief explanation of how any computer (even old PCs are OK!) can be used as a seed for Rawseeds’ datasets. As you will see, it’s really easy and quick. If you don’t know why you should set up a Rawseeds seed, please read here. Here we just say that setting up a […]

Why you should be a BitTorrent seed for Rawseeds, and how

If Rawseeds has been useful to you, please take the time to read this. It’ s very important for us. What are we talking about? As you can read in the BitTorrent HOWTO, downloading Rawseeds’ datasets is easy. You install a BitTorrent client program (chances are that you already have it installed by default) you […]

BitTorrent HOWTO for Rawseeds users

What is BitTorrent? BitTorrent is a protocol for efficient peer-to-peer file sharing. The term “peer-to-peer” means that each user requesting a specific file also acts as a distributor for that file towards other users. This leads to massively faster download speed for every user, something that is very needed for the case of Rawseeds, where […]

Rawseeds and BitTorrent

Rawseeds chose to distribute its datasets using the BitTorrent protocol. While requiring a bit of additional effort from the users, this choice has a number of key advantages (such as the fact that otherwise Rawseeds would not have been possible :-) ). To know what you have to do to use BitTorrent to retrieve Rawseeds’ […]