The autonomous intelligent systems (AIS) lab of the University of Freiburg is concerned with techniques for state estimation and control in the context of mobile robotics and artificial intelligence. One of the major research areas covered by this lab is mobile robot navigation. In the past, members of the AIS lab have contributed several innovative […]


The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory (AIRLab) of the Politecnico di Milano has been established by Marco Somalvico in 1971 as a group of free researchers working on AI and Robotics. This laboratory is presently one of the leading Italian research groups in AI and Robotics, having produced more than 900 international publications. AIRLab has […]


The Informatics for Robotics and Automation Laboratory (IRA Lab) at Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca has been established by Domenico G. Sorrenti (formerly coordinator of the Politecnico di Milano Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory) in 1999. The laboratory has been involved in several industrial and national research projects. IRA Lab research activities are […]


The Robotics, Perception and Real Time group of the University of Zaragoza, formed by 12 faculty members and around 20 students, is devoted to develop new techniques for autonomous robots and computer vision. The group has been working on several national and international projects about robot localization and map building. Results obtained have shown the […]