Media coverage

Robotics Business Review – 2010/3/17

Rawseeds receives attention from Robotics Business Review: see Rawseeds Toolkit Advances Autonomous Robotics by Mikell Taylor.

Bad Robot, No Cookie! – 2009/12/22

You can find a post about Rawseeds in the Bad Robot, No Cookie! website.

The Web Scene – 2009/12/14

A blog about web design called The Web Scene has a post about Rawseeds.

RobotNext – 2009/12/15

This article about Rawseeds has been issued on the RobotNext website.

Nano Patents and Innovations – 2009/12/20

The Nano Patents and Innovations blog published a post about us.

Observatorio Tecnologico – 2009/12/14

The Spanish-language Observatorio Tecnologico includes an article about Rawseeds.

Engineers Edge – 2009/12/13

Engineers Edge has published an article about Rawseeds.

Robotics Trends – 2009/12/18

Robotics trends wrote about us here.

ICT Results – 2009/12/14

The ICT Results magazine by Cordis has dedicated an article to Rawseeds: you can find it here. (Please note that -at the moment of writing this, at least- the article includes a funny mistake. In fact, it mentions that we’re distributing half a Gigabyte of compressed data… while they actually weigh in at half a […]