Ready-made data visualizations are available

Important note: the BitTorrent distribution system is not operational anymore. A new dataset distribution system is available. Using the Rawseeds Data Visualization Toolkit you can create visualizations of the video data included in Rawseeds’ datasets. Such visualizations are now directly available as BitTorrent downloads from the pages of the relevant datasets.

Rawseeds Data Visualization Toolkit

A new tool has been added to Rawseeds’ datasets: the Data Visualization Toolkit, provided by University of Zaragoza. It includes Matlab scripts for the visualization of single or multiple sensor streams. You can find the Data Visualization Toolkit among the files associated to any of the datasets. Each dataset also includes the videos generated by […]

Visualizations by Andrea Censi

Andrea Censi (Caltech) produced some visualizations of Rawseeds data. You can find them here: Sick LRF + omnidirectional camera omnidirectional camera + frontal camera + SVS top camera

Robotics Business Review – 2010/3/17

Rawseeds receives attention from Robotics Business Review: see Rawseeds Toolkit Advances Autonomous Robotics by Mikell Taylor.

Bad Robot, No Cookie! – 2009/12/22

You can find a post about Rawseeds in the Bad Robot, No Cookie! website.

The Web Scene – 2009/12/14

A blog about web design called The Web Scene has a post about Rawseeds.

RobotNext – 2009/12/15

This article about Rawseeds has been issued on the RobotNext website.

Nano Patents and Innovations – 2009/12/20

The Nano Patents and Innovations blog published a post about us.

Observatorio Tecnologico – 2009/12/14

The Spanish-language Observatorio Tecnologico includes an article about Rawseeds.

Engineers Edge – 2009/12/13

Engineers Edge has published an article about Rawseeds.

Robotics Trends – 2009/12/18

Robotics trends wrote about us here.

ICT Results – 2009/12/14

The ICT Results magazine by Cordis has dedicated an article to Rawseeds: you can find it here. (Please note that -at the moment of writing this, at least- the article includes a funny mistake. In fact, it mentions that we’re distributing half a Gigabyte of compressed data… while they actually weigh in at half a […]

Timeline (or: where is Rawseeds now?)

All the objectives of Rawseeds have been successfully reached. But… the life of Rawseeds is not over! First, the datasets, Benchmark Problems and Benchmark Solutions provided by Rawseeds will remain freely available; and second: this is your turn! Please consider uploading your own BSs: in this way you could both contribute to Rawseeds and give […]

Phase 4: Benchmark Solutions (completed)

For each Benchmark Problem one or more Benchmark Solutions are developed and published. Rawseeds-generated BSs represent the fully documented application of state-of-the-art algorithms to the BPs. Also the users of the Rawseeds can put their own algorithms and/or software in the form of Benchmark Solutions and publish them on www.rawseeds.org along with our own. With […]

Phase 3: Benchmark Problems (completed)

After the datasets have been gathered and validated, a set of Benchmark Problems are built, using them as their input data. The BPs are chosen to be a comprehensive collection of SLAM problems.

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