This page lists all the datasets included in Rawseeds' Benchmarking Toolkit. If you want to know what a "dataset" is within the context of Rawseeds, just read on. If you don't know what the Toolkit is, reading this might also be useful.

Within Rawseeds, we use the word dataset to identify the set of synchronized data streams obtained by recording the output of the sensors mounted on a robot when the robot explores an environment. A single instance of this exploration procedure is called a (data-gathering) session: therefore a dataset is actually composed of a set of sessions. All the sessions of a dataset include data acquired in the same location (although possibly in different areas of it) on different times. All of Rawseeds' datasets are multisensor, and include accurate ground truth data. The latter are necessary to evaluate the performance of any Benchmark Solution applied to the sensor data. Finally, all datasets have been subjected to an exacting validation procedure to ensure that their quality is state-of-the-art.

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Rawseeds' datasets are distributed via BitTorrent ONLY. Don't worry, this will not require any additional work on your part :-) We used BitTorrent to let downloaders help each other getting large quantities of data at high speed, without the need - for us - to pay for ultrawide-bandwidth hosting (that we can't afford). You don't know a thing about BitTorrent? This will quickly let you know what you need to proceed with the downloads. Before reading, try and click on the download links for the files you need: it's likely that your system already knows how to use BitTorrent for downloading...

IMPORTANT: please help other users (and Rawseeds) by redistributing the dataset files after you have downloaded them. It's sufficient that you leave your BitTorrent client program running, without removing the compressed files from the download directory. Here we explain why and how you should do this. Thank you very much!