The autonomous intelligent systems (AIS) lab of the University of Freiburg is concerned with techniques for state estimation and control in the context of mobile robotics and artificial intelligence. One of the major research areas covered by this lab is mobile robot navigation. In the past, members of the AIS lab have contributed several innovative algorithms for mobile robot mapping and localization, exploration, and coordination. This includes techniques for learning two- and three-dimensional maps, localization, outdoor-navigation, and multi-robot exploration and mapping. The applications of mobile robots cover the exploration and mapping of under ground mines and the use of multiple robots as interactive guides in trade shows and museums. The AIS lab has 9 members. It participates in various national and international projects including the national SFB-TR8 research center on spatial cognition, the nationally funded PhD Program Embedded Microsystems, as well as the European Project CoSy (Cognitive Systems for Cognitive Assistants). The lab collaborates with numerous universities in Germany, Europe and the USA. ALU-FR will bring his internationally renowned experts in estimation and control of robotic systems and artificial intelligence as well as results of several years of research in navigation, mapping and SLAM.