Contributing to Rawseeds with new Benchmark Solutions

Rawseeds’ Benchmarking Toolkit includes a set of Benchmark Problems, i.e., problems based on one of our datasets, and a number of Benchmark Solutions for them. For more details, please read here.

A Benchmark Solution is, in a nutshell, an algorithm used to solve one of Rawseeds’ Benchmark Problems, together with its output and some additional information (such as the values of the rating methodologies associated to the BP when applied to the output of the BS). To know what is a BS in practice, and what information you should include in your own, please see this document, also included into the description of each rating methodology.

The BSs that Rawseeds will initially publish are developed by the project and based on state-of-the-art algorithms; but (here is the important bit) you are invited to add your own BSs. To do that, it is sufficient that you put your algorithms in the form of solutions to specific BPs, and submit them to Rawseeds.
To submit a new Benchmark Solution for publication, use the “Got a solution?” form on the page of the Benchmark Problem that your BS is targeted to. You need to be a registered user to use the form: if you aren’t, you can register by going to Rawseeds’ forum, clicking on “Sign In” and then on “Apply for membership” (or go directly to this page).

There are many reasons why publishing your results in the form of BSs is good for you, either if you are a researcher or a company. If you are a company, you are probably worrying about how this can coexist with the protection of your intellectual property: well, don’t. We devised specific solutions for this issue, exactly to avoid excluding companies from the benefits of publishing their results in the form of Benchmark Solutions. Rawseeds lets you publish your achievements without jeopardizing your investments… or reducing your contribution to a scant press release.