Location Bovisa (outdoor + mixed)

The Politecnico di Milano campus set in via Durando, Milan, Italy. (“Bovisa” is the name of the zone of the city where it is located.) This location comprises a set of buildings that once housed a factory. It has been modified for its new use trying to retain as much as possible of its original character, so it has a very composite (and interesting for Rawseeds) nature, which closely mimics that of a typical (small) city. Buildings of different kind and style are included in the campus, as well as slopes, passages of various widths, external stairs. The presence of parked (and occasionally moving) cars, sidewalks, poles and of moving people (students) closely approaches that of a typical urban road.

Chapter 4 of Rawseeds’ Deliverable D1.2 includes maps and images of the Bovisa location.