The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory (AIRLab) of the Politecnico di Milano has been established by Marco Somalvico in 1971 as a group of free researchers working on AI and Robotics. This laboratory is presently one of the leading Italian research groups in AI and Robotics, having produced more than 900 international publications. AIRLab has been, and currently is, involved in several industrial, EU and national research projects. AIRLab researcher operate in many fields such as Agents and Multiagent systems, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Robotics, Artificial Vision and sensors, Soft Computing, Intelligent Interfaces, Knowledge Representation and Modeling, and Philosophical Foundations of AI. Members of the group are currently responsible of the most comprehensive set of Undergraduate, Master and PhD level set of AI and Robotics courses in Italy. The AIRLab is provided with several workstations, manipulators and mobile robots of different sizes and capabilities. Dozens of undergraduate, master and PhD students per year (including ERASMUS/TIME foreign students) spend several months each to develop their projects and theses at AIRLab. AIRLab members have been in charge of the organization of many international meetings, among these the world largest AI conference (IJCAI-87), held in Milan and attended by more than 2600 participants.