What is ground truth?

Together with each of the datasets, Rawseeds provides the associated ground truth. This is a set of information describing the real environments explored by the robot, and the trajectory followed by the robot within such environment. Ground truth is used as a reference, against which the results obtained by a Benchmark Solution can be evaluated.
For each dataset, two different kinds of ground truth are provided:

  • the trajectory of the robot during (parts of) the data-gathering session
  • the executive drawings describing the environments explored by the robot

In addition to the above, each dataset includes a list of positions of suitable features extracted from the executive drawings. These position are used when applying some of the performance metrics specified by the Benchmark Problems.
Ground truth data have been collected by means that are separate from the sensors mounted aboard the robot, in order to be completely independent from the datasets included in the BPs. In the case of trajectories, ground truth information are time-sinchronized with the datasets.