Deliverable D2.2: Raw Data (outdoor)

This Deliverable is important for RAWSEEDS, as it is the first one including sensor data. It is composed of two elements:

  • datasets gathered during robot explorations of outdoor environments (including the associated calibration data and ground truth);
  • an accompanying document describing the experimental setup and the characteristics of the datasets.

The datasets, i.e. the raw data produced by the sensors on board the robot, are published as part of RAWSEEDS’ Benchmarking Toolkit, and specifically as key elements of the Benchmark Problems. The accompanying document, conversely, can be downloaded by clicking here.

You could have noticed that Deliverable D2.2 (Raw Data – outdoor) has actually been published before Deliverable D2.1 (Raw Data – indoor), notwithstanding their numbers. The reason for this lies in… the weather. In fact, acquisition of outdoor datasets is obviously best performed in the hot period of the year, to avoid rain and snow: therefore it was decided to switch the indoor and outdoor acquisition phases to get advantage of the summer season.