Contributing to Rawseeds by redistributing the datasets

Important note: the BitTorrent distribution system is not operational anymore. A new dataset distribution system is available.

This is done with the same BitTorrent system you used to download the data in the first place: you don’t need to install anything more. In a nutshell, you can redistribute the data you downloaded from Rawseeds simply by not shutting down the BitTorrent client after the download is complete. Of course you also need to avoid deleting or moving the downloaded files: you can copy them elsewhere, or uncompress them and then move the uncompressed files. It is very important that you help us by doing this: here you can read why and how.

If you are not sure of what BitTorrent is or why do you need it to get Rawseeds’ datasets, please take a look to our brief BitTorrent HOWTO for Rawseeds users.

Finally, the most useful thing you can do to help Rawseeds is to take an old PC and set it up to act as a seed for some – or all – of Rawseeds’ data files. For this, you only have to perform a very quick and straightforward setup, and then forget the PC in a dusty corner (or something like that). Read here to learn how to do this.

Thank you for your help!