Additional Deliverable AD2.3: Validation of the Ground Truth collection systems

RAWSEEDS devoted much work to the gathering of solid Ground Truth (GT) information, to accompany the sensor datasets included into the Benchmark Problems. The results of any algorithm applied to the datasets can thus be objectively evaluated by comparing those results with the GT. The availability of a high quality GT is one of the distinctive traits of RAWSEEDS’ Benchmarking Toolkit, when compared with other data collections.
Ground Truth information is effective only if its precision and quality is sufficient. Deliverable AD2.3 of project RAWSEEDS is a technical description of the systems and methods used to gather the GT for RAWSEEDS, plus a quality evaluation and validation of the actual Ground Truth data. Both indoor and outdoor GT gathering systems (which are actually completely different) are covered. Click here to download AD2.3.

By the way: the name of this Deliverable is peculiar in that it begins with an extra “A”. This is because AD2.3 is an Additional Deliverable, initially not devised in RAWSEEDS’ work plan. It was added later to the project’s output, when the need emerged to clarify the GT gathering procedure and, if possible, to help other groups to overcome some of the difficulties associated to similar activities.