Laser range finders

Rawseeds’ data-gathering platform is equipped with two classes of Laser Range Finders (LRF). Short-range (4m range, less at low reflectivity), cheap LRF. We use two Hokuyo URG-04LX LRFs. Medium- and long-range (respectively <30m and <100m range at 100% reflectivity) high-performance LRFs. We use Sick LMS200 and LMS291.

Robocom robot

Robocom is the robot platform used for Rawseeds’ data-gathering activities. It is a differential drive platform, fitted with three PCBricks used both for robot control and for data acquisition. Robocom is suitable for indoor and (light) outdoor activity. It is an autonomous robot (though for Rawseeds it has been used in teleoperated mode), jointly developed […]

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