Dataset "Bovisa (outdoor + mixed)"

Aerial view of the Bovisa location This dataset has been collected in the Politecnico di Milano campus located in via Durando (Milan, Italy). The "Bovisa" name refers to the zone of the city where the campus is set.
This location comprises a set of buildings that once housed a factory. It has been modified for its new use trying to retain as much as possible of its original character, so it has a very composite (and interesting for Rawseeds) nature, which closely mimics that of a typical (small) city.
Buildings of different kind and style are included in the campus, as well as slopes, passages of various widths, external stairs. The presence of parked (and occasionally moving) cars, sidewalks, poles and of moving people (students) closely approaches that of a typical urban road.

The explored environments include:
- Wide-open outdoor spaces among low buildings, comparable to moderately sparse urban environments at street level. Parked cars are present here.
- Fairly narrow outdoor passages between buildings, comparable to more cramped urban environments at street level. Sometimes irregular fences flank the robot's path.
- A moderately-slanted ramp, connecting street level with a low terrace.
- The inside of a University buildings.

The buildings include:
- various kinds of hallways and doors leading in and out of the building;
wide corridors with exhibits and models (this is a campus where students study design);
- narrow corridors with vending machines;
- wide environments with two large staircases leading to an upper level;
- open and closed doors, the former leading to widely different environments: from small lavatories to large classrooms.

Terrain is generally smooth for the outdoor parts, and very smooth for the indoor parts. An area of rough terrain (paved by dirt, small stones, sand, and occasional grass) has been traversed in some of the exploration sessions, to widen the range of terrains. Occasionally (and especially while entering or exiting the building) the robot has encountered small floor discontinuities (such as low steps). Some small hole was encountered both on roads and on the ramp.

Please see Chapter 4 of Rawseeds’ Deliverable D1.2 for maps and images of the Durando location. Deliverable D2.2, instead, describes the elements of the Bovisa dataset.