Deliverable D2.1: Raw Data (indoor)

This is the second Deliverable including sensor data (yes, the second: Deliverable D2.2 actually was due – and delivered – before D2.1). It is composed of two elements:

  • datasets gathered during robot explorations of indoor environments (including the associated calibration data and ground truth);
  • an accompanying document describing the experimental setup and the characteristics of the datasets.

The datasets are published as part of RAWSEEDS’ Benchmarking Toolkit, and specifically as key elements of the Benchmark Problems. The accompanying document is subdivided into two separate documents:

  1. Part 1, describing the datasets, including how and where they were collected (this is the only part you should read if you are only interested in using the data;
  2. Part 2, dedicated to the description of how we designed, set up, used and validated the systems for ground truth collection.

Click here to download Part 1 and click here to download Part 2.